Premium Trolltunga P3 parking

Nok 600 per day per vehicle (until midnight same date)

Discover convenience with our premium private parking at the top of Mågelitopp (P3) for the Trolltunga hike. Save about 3 hours of hiking time and start your journey from this exclusive hilltop. Limited to 30 spots. Secure your spot now!

Trolltunga parking P3 - upper parking

Toll road

Nok 200
There is a toll road from Tyssedal P1 to Skjeggedal P2. The fee of 200 NOK is paid at the parking meter at P2.

Thank you for helping preserve Trolltunga! Your fees go towards maintaining trails, signs, emergency shelters, and our Mountain Rangers

Weather forcast

Check the weather before visiting Trolltunga. Summers can be nice, but the weather can change suddenly. Be prepared for extremes and read the full forecast. Also, know the sunrise and sunset times at Trolltunga.

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View of Ringedalsvatnet Lake
Have more questions about the Trolltunga shuttle bus? Feel free to contact us for additional assistance!

June – August: Entry between 6:30 am – 11 am (Online booking required).
1 – 15 September: Entry between 7:00 am – 11 am (Online booking and payment at the ticket booth in Skjeggedal, Between 16. and the of 29. September – booking at the ticket booth in Skjeggedal, subject to availability). 

Yes, due to overhanging structures, the maximum vehicle height is 2.0 meters (6.6 feet). Vehicles exceeding this height cannot access P3.
If your vehicle exceeds the 2.0 meter height limit, you will need to park at an alternative location. Consider using public transport or other parking facilities in the area.

From P3 Parking at Mågelitopp, it is approximately a 4-hour hike to reach Trolltunga (20 km return hike).

Trolltunga P3 Parking offers secure parking, and information boards to help you prepare for your hike. Our staff is also available to assist with any queries. (No toilets at P3, only at P2 and P1).

P3 parking

Exclursive private parking
Save from 3 hours hike!

Price per day

NOK 600