The TROLLTUNGA Parking -P3 Mågelitopp

Save about 3 hours hike! Start hiking at the hilltopp Mågelitopp. Open now!

Private steep roadway with exclusive parking at the top. The new road to the world-famous Trolltunga outcropping is a private, narrow roadway up the steep Mågelia hillside. The road does not run all the way to the actual Trolltunga site — just up the first 4,3km (14 104 feet) and 400-meters (1,312 feet) of the ascent  -so, from the parking area at the top of the route, it’s still a 4-hour hike to Trolltunga (or, in English, Troll Tongue) and back in each direction. But any little bit helps!


Mågeliveien, "the Trolltunga road"

The road was built for use by locals but can handle up to 30 extra cars per day. It's a single lane, boasts 17 hairpin turns and a maximum inclination of 17%. The use of four-wheel-drive vehicles is recommended, and it’s not advisable to attempt the ascent in small, fully loaded front-wheel-drive cars. In fact, unsuitable vehicles will be denied road access by on-site traffic attendants.

The road opens daily at about 6 a.m. Drivers permitted to proceed will first be briefed by attendants on how to navigate a steep road, and where and how to park.

Please read the following more detailed information thoroughly. If you follow instructions and respect the limitations of the road, your vehicle and your driving skills, all users of the road will have a safe trip and a grand day out. Welcome, and bon voyage!



Hiking distance 

From Mågelitopp: 10,1 km one way

Save time

You save about 3 hours hike to Trolltunga by driving up the Trolltunga road, and start hiking from Mågelitopp.

Road access

Road opens at 06:00 AM from June 01 - until September

Buy tickets

You purchase tickets online at our website 


Parking fee NOK 600 per day. Parking over to next day, you will be charged for 2 days.

Parking capacity

The road and hilltop parking area have a capacity of 30 guest vehicles each day.

Parking area

Parking is only allowed in designated areas.

Parking outside designated areas will block traffic and is strictly forbidden.

Instructions for access and parking

See sketches for instructions. These sketches illustrate the gate area at the bottom of the hill and the parking area on top.


The exit gate opens automatically when approached by cars leaving the road.


More information about Trolltunga-Road here


Driving skills

Please honestly evaluate your driving skills before embarking on the drive.
There is no place to turn the car around along the road, and backing a car down it is very challenging.
The roadway is narrow and steep and includes 17 hairpin turns.


Steep track 
The road has a 17% inclination at some points.


Recommended car
Unsuitable vehicles will be denied road access by on-site traffic attendants.

Due to the road’s demanding conditions, no motorcycles are allowed on the road.
No camper vans above 2,0 meters in height 

Due to overhanging structures on the road, there is a 2,0 meter (6.6-foot) maximum height for vehicles.


Respect local community
If you arrive long before opening hours, please turn off the vehicle engine in respect for the Skjeggedal neighborhood.



Upper starting point to the famous Trolltunga hike is at Mågelitopp(P3). Take the bus or park at the top, and you will save about 3 hours in total (1-1,5 hour each way). Remember you still have to hike for another 3-4 hours to get to the actual Trolltunga site! Total 6-8 hours from Mågelitopp - the upper starting point.