The TROLLTUNGA shuttle bus

Departures from Mågelitopp-Skjeggedal

Take the TROLLTUNGA shuttle bus from Mågelitopp-Skjeggedal. The bus will take you all the way to Skjeggedal - down the last 4,3 kilometers (14 104 feet) and 400-meters (1,312 feet) of the ascent - You will save 1,5 hours hiking by taking the bus down. But any little bit helps!  


NB! Pre-booking not possible

A local experienced bus driver will take you safely down back to Skjeggedal. The roadway is narrow,  steep and includes 17 hairpin turns with scenic view over Skjeggedal valley.


From 15th June - 15th September 2019 (depending on the snow conditions)

Daily departures

06:45, 07:15, 07:45, 08:15, 08:45, 09:15, 09:45, 10:15, 10:45, 11:45, 12:15, 12:45, 13:15, 13:45, 16:15, 16:45, 17:15 , 17:45, 18:15, 
18:45, 19:15 , 19:45


The price includes

NOK 100 per person
The price includes bus ticket from Mågelitopp to Skjeggedal, one way, per person, no seat reservation.


SAVE 30% discount on your return ticket

NOK 70 per person

You receive a 30% discount on your ticket when you already have purchased a ticket for Skjeggedal to Mågelitopp the same day.


Buy your bus ticket on board the bus at Mågelitopp.
Pay with credit/debit card only.

There is no online booking in advance on your return ticket, there are limited seats, only 10 passengers.