Trolltunga Parking - P3 at Mågelitopp (upper starting point) - old

Save about 3 hours hike! Park & start hiking from the hilltop Mågelitopp.

Private steep roadway with exclusive parking at the top. The new road to the world-famous Trolltunga outcropping is a private, narrow roadway up the steep Mågelia hillside. The road does not run to the actual Trolltunga site — just up the first 4,3km (14 104 feet) and 400-meters (1,312 feet) of the ascent  -so, from the parking area at the top of the route, it’s still a 4-hour hike to Trolltunga (or, in English, Troll Tongue) and back in each direction. But any little bit helps!

Trolltunga P3 Parking Price 
P3 Mågelitopp Parking (upper parking): NOK 600 per day (until midnight same date) per vehicle.
(book on this page)

Toll road from Tyssedal to Skjeggedal (P2)
Everyone who drives from Tyssedal (P1) to Skjeggedal (P2) must pay tolls. You must pay tolls before driving up to P3. The toll road is paid on P2 before you drive to P3. For more information, see

Toll fee NOK 200 one way, per vehicle
(paid on-site in Skjeggedal)


1. June - 30 September 2023
NOTE! Opening hours are subject to weather conditions and may close at short notice. 


Until September 15th, you can only preorder tickets online.
From September 16th to 30th, tickets can only be ordered at the ticket office in Skjeggedal due to weather uncertainties and road conditions.

Entrance hours in Skjeggedal to P3 Trolltunga Parking at Mågelitopp

The drive-in times in Skjeggedal to P3 at Mågelitopp (top starting point for the hike to Trolltunga) are:

  • From 1. June - 31. August 2023:  Entrance between 6:30 am - 11 am. (Online booking)
  • From 1 September - 30th September 2023:  Entrance between 7:00 am - 11 am. (Online booking and payment at the ticket booth in Skjeggedal. Subject to availability)

Cancellation policy:

Cancellation up to 48 hours before booked date and time for full refund
Please cancel by sending us an e-mail with booking reference/name on booking. We will not be able to cancel booking over phone.



The road barrier opens automatically. You may therefore exit when you want during your booked day.
(You have to drive very close to the road barrier for it to open).

Car park height limit 2.0 meters!
Due to overhanging structures on the road, there is a 2.0 meter (6.6-foot) maximum height for vehicles.

You will not be able to access P3 with an unsuitable vehicle. 

30 guest vehicles each day at the private parking area at Mågelitopp P3

P3 Parking area

  • Parking is only allowed in designated areas.
  • Parking outside designated areas will block traffic and is strictly forbidden.


  • The exit gate opens automatically when approached by cars leaving the road.
Where to find the parking
Upon arrival in Skjeggedal, please follow signs to P3 and keep to the left side. We prefer you have the ticket printed to show to our morning staff. Once booking has been verified by our staff, gate will open for you to access the road and parking area on top. 


Car park height limit 2.0 meter !

  • Due to overhanging structures on the road, there is a 2.0 meter (6.6-foot) maximum height for vehicles.
    Unsuitable vehicles will be denied road access by on-site traffic attendants.
  • Due to the road’s demanding conditions, no motorcycles are allowed on the road.
  • No camper vans allowed.

Driving skills

  • Please honestly evaluate your driving skills before embarking on the drive.
  • The roadway is narrow and steep and includes 17 hairpin turns.

Steep track 

  • The road has a 17% inclination at some points.

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Fottur fra Mågelitopp P3 Parkering til Trolltunga 

  • Mågelitopp - Trolltunga: 10,1 km (en vei)
  • Mågelitopp - Trolltunga - Mågelitopp: 20.2 km (tur/retur)


  1. Skjeggedal- Ticket Office and access to the private road
  2. Mågeli - the upper parking